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Build Federal Buildings and Facilities

Build Federal Buildings and Facilities

Target Audience

  • Local Entity
  • Federal ministries

Time Needed Time Needed For this Service

  • Average time to obtain service :  24-36 months


  • Nil
Getting User Account from MOID
Step 1
Application Submission
Step 2
Requisite View
Step 3
Project Approval
Step 4
  1. Request of concerned entity  
  2. Site Plan
  3. Schematic statement
  4. Designing Program 
  5. Project Priority           
  1. Attached project schemes must be valid and free of any obstacles-near to the services
  2. Designing program for the project must be clear
  3. The Project must acheives strategic plans of the federal entity.
  4. Clarity of requirements required by entities
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  Sustainable Goals
Goal (11) Sustainable Cities And Communities (Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure)

  In partnership with
1-Federal Electricity and Water Authority 2-Roads and Transport Authority

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